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A leading supplier of trusted and effective energy solutions. 

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Premium quality Commercial & Residential Solar Power Generation Systems


Everything, from Residential power backup systems to Commercial peak shaving solutions

Energy Analysis

Comprehensive power and energy monitoring solutiuons

About GreenHouse 

GreenHouse Energy Consulting was established in 2009 as your trusted energy solutions advisor. Since inception, we have assisted thousands of customers with high quality, well-supported systems.

Our bespoke solutions are bolstered by unrivaled customer support and strong supplier relationships. GreenHouse Energy Consulting’s mission is to become South Africa’s leading supplier of high-quality energy efficient solutions. 

GreenHouse Energy Consulting has always looked to solve specific solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs, as opposed to trying to make needs fit an offering.



Our solutions, generally, are formulated after consultation with homeowners, architects and other professionals involved in the design and completion of residential homes and commercial buildings.

We listen to the stated requirements and advise and guide the process to a solution joining these requirements and practical reality. Once these parameters are established, solutions are quantified both in terms of cost to the end user and long term benefits thereof.

GreenHouse designs are often scalable, with options for scaling and future growth path offered to our clients. GreenHouse enjoys a trusted advisor relationship with many architects and construction companies in the space of solution design.

Only the Best


Engineering & Design

Each and every solution is calculated and designed for the proposed requirements.


Turnkey Solutions

From first design drawing to final commissioning, we deliver on every aspect of the project.


Detailed Monitoring

End-to-end monitoring allows us to ensure your system performs as promised and so that any potential issues may be resolved swiftly.

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Completed Projects

“GreenHouse Energy Consulting’s team has provided us with professional and friendly service over many years. I am delighted with their fast and reliable after-sales service and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone considering solar power or having power backup installed.”

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