Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Harnessing the Sun: A Look at Solar Panels in South Africa in 2024 Solar Panels: Also referred to as photovoltaic panels (pv panels), photoelectric panels, solar modules and sometimes just “sun panels”. In recent years, the solar energy landscape in South Africa has undergone significant evolution, with technological advancements and changing industry standards shaping the […]

Victron’s BatteryLife Advantage

Victron Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are leading the charge in dependable, high performance and high quality power solutions in South Africa. Having been in the industry for almost 50-years, Victron Energy has developed hardware and software solutions to position itself at the pinnacle of the industry, cemented by strong R&D and high-quality products.

Lithium Batteries – South Africa

Manufacturer and product variations have increased greatly over the last decade, and so the difficulty in selection of an appropriate lithium battery product has increased. Through the discussion of the pertinent factors that differentiate lithium battery products it is clear that not all batteries are made equal.

What’s Watt #2

With over ten years’ experience in home energy analysis, we have some great tips for you when it comes to reducing electricity consumption…