Build an innovative and sustainable business with our turnkey commercial solar and battery power systems. 

We design, install, monitor and maintain grid-tied, off-grid and smart hybrid solar power systems.

Our expert team advises on the ideal commercial solution design and installation, whether roof-top, carport or ground-mounted, considering your specific requirements, energy consumption and budget.

Trade without interruptions

As a business owner, you need to ensure continuous trade and protect yourself against unwanted power outages, unreliable municipal power delivery, and load-shedding. Our battery backup and solar systems support your business continuity strategy, whether you require a battery backup option or prefer a high degree of grid independence. Rest assured and focus on what you do best while we keep things running for you.

Increase cost-competitiveness

Energy bills are a significant expense for any operating business. We help reduce your current energy costs and rising overheads with the implementation of solar power systems. Investing in alternative green energy solutions increases profit margins and ROI over time. Your business will see a significant decrease in electricity costs and become more profitable and competitive as a result.  Tax incentives make the value proposition even more attractive.

Grow at your own pace

As your business grows and your objectives change, so do your energy requirements. Choose a flexible and modular solution that you can scale up or down if needed. We can implement your battery or solar power system in phases to meet your changing needs. We consult with you on the best solution according to your business size, budgets and growth prospects.

Future-proof your business

Manage and measure your energy consumption optimally together with other key business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our monitoring solutions continuously track and measure a range of real-time metrics you can visualise at any time on any device. We assist with data management and system optimisation so you can leverage accurate information to make informed decisions that move your business forward.

Create a better and safer world


Position your business as a responsible corporate citizen. Make renewable energy your goal and switch to solar power systems to conserve energy and help protect the environment. GreenHouse Solar can help you achieve your sustainability goals and work towards creating a better and safer world for everyone. Make the switch today!



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