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Why should I install a solar energy system on my home or business?

3 reasons primarily dominate reasons for installing solar, namely
Cost reduction. Renewable energy saves money, has a really short payback period and costs less than Eskom power over relatively short timeframes.
Independence. The maintenance of lifestyle or continuity of business irrespective of Eskom, Infrastructural and Copper theft woes, is becoming a vital consideration.
Environmental. Renewable energy is a key technology in the improvement of our environment and the preservation of the planet for future generations. We can do our bit.

Does my roof need to face directly north in order to go solar?

No. While we favour northerly installations we have a great deal of flexibility in the direction panels can be mounted, many East & West options make sense as well.

How many panels do I need?

This depends on what we want to achieve and what equipment the panels are controlled by. 

Different inverters and charge controllers have minimum and maximum as well as optimum numbers of panels. The number of panels ranges from 2 to many tens of modules. Many residential hybrid solutions are based on 10 panel arrays.

What can I do if my roof is not adequate for a solar array?

Often we find roof not suited to PV panel installation. Some solutions include installing panels on ground based frames or on carports designed for this purpose. Other solutions might be based on battery only Power Security offerings.

How does a battery bank complement a solar power system?

Batteries offer two great advantages – Backup & Solar Self-Consumption storage.

The first, Backup, is understood – that the batteries provide power when Eskom is missing.

The second, Solar Self-Consumption, is about storing energy that is produced from the sun but not used during the day. This is free solar energy being used at night rather than Eskom!