Power your home and save on rising energy costs with our turnkey solar & battery power systems.

Our expert team is geared up to design, install, monitor and maintain the best residential power system, whether it includes solar panels, batteries or a combination of both.

Our solutions take your specific electricity consumption and household needs into account, giving the best possible result within your budget.

Your personal home “power station”

We specialise in the design of alternative power systems, ranging from basic battery backup systems to complex and smart hybrid systems, both of which guard against unreliable municipal power delivery, power outages and load-shedding. We consult with you regarding the household power system most suitable for you.

Slash your electricity bill

Cut down on increasing electricity costs with an alternative renewable energy system. The cost of the system is offset by the energy savings you enjoy daily when switching to a solar power system. You pay only for the electricity that you use over and above your own solar electricity, and will see an immediate decrease in electricity costs on your pre-paid consumption or monthly bill.  And the more tariffs go up, the more you save!

Do it in phases

Once we understand your goals, we will advise on the ideal system to suit your requirements.  And you can choose to implement your system in phases to match your budget – all of our systems are designed with scalability, modularity and future-proofing in mind.

Knowledge is power

Our comprehensive monitoring solutions allow you to see just how much solar power you’re producing.  We’re also able to monitor your overall household electricity usage, battery status and a range of other metrics.  This information is available to you at any time and from virtually any device. We see this data too, and are able to continuously monitor, update and optimise your system in the background.  You will finally be able to manage your energy consumption to an optimum level, and reap the rewards of a solar and battery power system.

You’re in good hands


GreenHouse is your one-stop solar partner, and we manage the entire process. We’re there from the design through installation, monitoring and maintenance, to guarantee your ongoing satisfaction.

Finally, energy independence is within your reach.  Make the switch today!



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