It’s Never Too Late For Change

Graham Jones
Sales Director

14 April 2022

“GreenHouse is saving its customer base millions every year and mega tons in carbon emission annually”

I have lived in Pretoria most of my life, having immigrated from England at the age of 11. I love this city and always seem to return to it, although I have had the privilege of working in other interesting parts of the world.

We moved to Cornwall after building our new home in 2000. Cornwall Hill is a great place to live, with a peaceful environment and the best access to highways, airports and commerce. What a place for the kids to grow up, safe and a stone’s throw from schooling with a short daily walk! That is until our younger daughter chose to go to ProArte to study dance (the best laid plans…)!

My belief in our community and interest in our well- lead me to serve on the Cornwall HOA board for some years. The early days of the estate saw focus on our physical security, with an almost non-existent perimeter barrier and a steep learning curve. Today, while the need for physical security is still with us, we have additional challenges, with Eskom dependability being high on the list.


My wife, Jane, and I relish the opportunities to travel around our planet, along with the enriching times we spend with an ever increasing internationally based family – one of the symptoms of being South African. Several of our adult kids have sought new ventures overseas, with more looking to greener pastures in the near future.

I once read that people are expected to have a few major career changes across their working lives as I have done – more possibly now with life expectancy increasing. I started my working career at the age of 16 (1979) in electronics and diagnostic computer fault-finding. From there, a sister company offered a new life in main frame computer engineering, where customer support and work ethic were non-negotiable.

While focussing increasingly on the technical internals of the main frame, a conference keynote speaker recognised the lack of communication skills of my highly specialised team, and challenged us all to join Toast Masters to improve this. For my sins, and having taken up this challenge, I eventually became the president of Sandton Toast Masters and started looking at communication and life in a different way.

Next came the sale of computer main frame services, once I found that I could actually talk in front of humans! This skill, with my lifelong love of aviation, led me to selling Lear Jets and other Bombardier aircraft. The look of ‘non-comprendo’ on my colleagues faces when I told them about this career change was priceless!

Aviation is an exciting and aspirational industry that took me to far-flung parts of the world, from most of Africa to the Americas and their cold neighbour, Europe and the Antipodes.

Following a successful decade in aviation I was looking for a new challenge and in 2008, energy seemed like a worthwhile one, albeit then not a mainstream or everyday topic of discussion. It seemed that we would need to look after our own power security in the near future, and a short decade or so later, here we are.

A friend of mine, Craig, was considering energy audits for friends/clients. We discussed how we could make a difference in peoples’ lives by designing energy and power systems to reduce dependence on municipal supplies, reduce carbon footprints, and ultimately offer independence from Eskom (specifically).

So started the journey of GreenHouse Energy Consulting and its growing success, in step with the ever-increasing energy crisis we witness daily. We design systems tailored to specific energy requirements and started out as a small business, operating from our home in Cornwall Hill.  We soon needed a more appropriate facility and moved to Route 21 Business Park. A few years later our operation warranted moving into our own business home in Pierre van Ryneveld. A few short years later and again bursting at the seams, we have moved to our current headquarters in Edward Ave, Zwartkop.

We offer world class support and services to our growing Gauteng client base and are currently focussing on existing and new clients in the Western Cape, from Plett to Cape Town and surrounds. Our engineering team has evaluated many technologies available over the past 13 years, refining and engineering the highest level of supported energy solutions enjoyed by many Cornwall Hill residents, as well as home owners and businesses around the country.

We provide power security and independence based on the Tesla Powerwall and Victron suite of inverters, along with locally manufactured Freedom Won batteries with best-in-class warranty, and premium Tier1 solar panels – all with world leading remote support diagnostics and management apps.

The GreenHouse differentiation is our 24/7 support channel, providing user peace of mind whenever, wherever.

GreenHouse is saving its customer base millions every year and mega tons in carbon emission annually. This increases every year and the collective saving and emission reduction is making a hugely positive impact.

Proud to be supporting success in business and lifestyles, GreenHouse is helping alleviate our country’s energy crisis and saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emission every year for our home, planet Earth.

Inspired people empowering energy independence!