Less Known Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

Graham Jones, Sales Director, South Africa

19 September 2019

There are some less considered factors that recommend the installation of home solar panels (PV). Here we examine the less known advantages of installing residential solar panels.

Home Value

PV installations reduce your home operating costs! That makes your home more attractive on the resale market. That might mean either more money when selling or an easier sell as your home will be seen to cost the buyer less to run for many years to come.

European and US real estate enjoys a significant percentage increase in value for energy-efficient system installations. South Africa is following suit as focus increases on the cost of energy. 

Environmental Concern

All of us have the responsibility to protect our immediate environment, and our fragile planet, for future generations. Reduction of carbon footprint, through the reduction of fossil fuel reliance, is an essential means within reach of many households. Showing the world you care for it, with the visual impact of PV on your roof while saving money – win-win!

“PV installations reduce your home operating costs! That makes your home more attractive on the resale market”

Alternative Structure

One less often considered benefit is using the area covered by PV as a shaded pergola. At times, insufficient and unshaded roof area exists for a meaningful solar array. Thinking of alternative structures such as pergolas or carports presents a secondary utility value of the PV panels. A dual carport supports 6kWp on a 36m2 area – sufficient to support most homes!

Interest Topic

PV systems should be accompanied by an analytical monitoring platform to indicate the levels of solar generation. Other measurements can include historic electrical consumption, import and export power, battery state of charge and information about the state of your ship – previously undisclosed. This information is useful to know so one can manage consumption patterns and also great to discuss with fellow concerned citizens.

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