Project Remote Net

  • Date: 20 December 2019
  • Client: Remote Net
  • Project Type: Commercial Installation

About this Project

Introducing RemoteNet, a dynamic company that specialises in the development and implementation of integrated skills development, vocational education and training, and levy and funds management solutions. Their headquarters was in dire need of a power-security solution, as their servers provide critical services to a number of large corporations.

We kicked off our relationship with RemoteNet by initiating discussions to understand their requirement. Anton and his team were routinely having to rush back to the office and connect their portable generator, each time they had a power failure. Keeping their servers powered and online is vital.

While a battery backup solution would have suited that requirement, there is no “rolling” capability afforded by such a system. A hybrid power system was then designed, which incorporated a significant array of solar panels on the rooftop of the building.

The hybrid power system now generates most of the energy required by the building and harnesses the capability to continue operating even in prolonged outages of a number of days, even weeks!

Anton and his team are no longer burdened by the requirement to rush back to the office and start the generator. Now their building runs uninterrupted and is no longer dependent on Eskom.

RemoteNet’s investment in clean energy allows them to join the ranks of home’s and businesses pioneering a sustainable future. Their system will offset an estimated 17 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

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