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The cost of electricity has become a significant expense in most homes. Many individuals are searching for ways to reduce their electricity consumption to mitigate the effects of recurring electricity price hikes. With over ten years’ experience in home energy analysis, we have some great tips for you.


A mindset change goes a long way in reducing your energy consumption. Many appliances are left activated unnecessarily, for the sake of convenience, and consume a significant amount of energy even when in standby mode. If you are uncertain about the standby consumption of a specific appliance, switch it off at the wall plug. 

Becoming aware of the actual power consumption of various appliances allows you to discern the level of sensitivity that should be placed on its utilisation. Some devices consume thousands of watts, while some consume less than ten. It is valuable to know these energy ratings so that you may change your behaviour accordingly. 

The Cost of Heating

Heating is one of the most significant components of your home energy bill. Geysers, electric stoves, ovens, kettles, microwave ovens and conventional heaters are the typical range of heating appliances. Except for the kettle and the microwave, these consume a large amount of power for hours – a simple recipe to rack up a substantial energy bill. 

Without changing the appliance, the only real impact you can have on the energy consumption is by reducing the time the machine is enabled. It starts with being consciously aware of the high energy consumption of these appliances and using them efficiently – be careful not to leave these devices enabled unnecessarily!

“these consume a large amount of power for hours – a simple recipe to rack up a substantial energy bill. “


Many homeowners have neglected to consider the impact of inefficient lighting on their energy bill. A single inefficient light bulb may not consume a considerable amount of power, usually 30 to 50 watts. However, the combined effect of several inefficient light bulbs results in a substantial and constant energy bill. 

Many years ago, there was a lot of resistance towards the adoption of LED lighting, due to the high price per bulb and the relatively low light output compared to the traditional technology. This is not the case anymore.  LED lighting has become very inexpensive and is often no more expensive than a conventional halogen light bulb.

A standard GU10 LED down-lighter can cost as little as R30 from Builders Warehouse, and these units consume 2 to 4 Watts! That is ten times less than a traditional 50W lightbulb. There is no excuse for not changing all frequently used light bulbs in your home to LED. 

Power Monitoring

Most homeowners receive an account for their energy consumption for the previous month. This means that there is a minimum of a one month waiting period before the homeowner is aware of their most recent energy consumption. 

Pre-paid electricity meters do allow the customer to query the previous day’s energy consumption. This only allows for a momentary analysis and is insufficient for any evaluation purposes, unless manually recorded daily and processed in a spreadsheet tool like Excel. Fortunately, there are external devices available that allow for automated recording, processing and graphical display of the power and energy consumed at home. 

The Efergy Energy Meter Kits are an effective solution to home energy monitoring. It records real-time and historical energy consumption for single energy conduits and multi-circuits. You can see this data directly from your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

This type of data recording allows you to identify any concerning energy consumption trends throughout the day, and to finally pinpoint appliances that are consuming excessive amounts of energy. You can’t save what you can’t see!

Once you have executed these “low hanging fruit” improvements in home efficiency, consider solar power generation for further cost reduction and energy independence. 

If you would like an accurate, scientifically-based proposal of how solar could work for you, please do make contact with the GreenHouse team – we’d be delighted to assist.

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Reinhardt Nel
Reinhardt Nel
Professional service, great installation team, awesome aftersales service
Greenhouse lives up to its promise of excellence.From the first phone call to look at their services we were treated with the utmost professionalism.All steps of instalation were communicated on a daily basis and Patrick our consultant was available on call anytime we had any queries. Greenhouse comes with a five star rating from us.Thank you to the whole team !
Megan D'Arcy
Megan D'Arcy
Everything about Greenhouse Solar is amazing. The initial consultation, design of the system (set up for scaling up in the future), and after sales service is exceptional. The 24/7 helpline is handy to have for troubleshooting, although, due to the high-end components used (Victron, FreedomWon, JA panels), issues have been non-existent since I had the system been installed. The annual maintenance call-out is a great value-add, too. With solar becoming an essential option for many, it's critical to get the right advice and have the installation done to code. I highly recommend Greenhouse.
Horst Frenzel
Horst Frenzel
Super fast response to the damage caused by a lightning strike, followed up by quality repairs and excellent workmanship. Thanks for the excellent service!
Irene Cowley
Irene Cowley
Excellent service. The guys are very knowledgeable. They can help you work out the best ways forward to meet your budget and your needs. The installation teams are excellent. Work professionally and efficiently. We have been most impressed over many years now.
Sergio Coelho
Sergio Coelho
The folks at GreenHouse did a sterling job installing an upgrade to my home solar system. They knew that it would be challenging to sort out the comms between the Victron equipment and the SMA inverter but in the end their team made it look easy.
Hennie Meeding
Hennie Meeding
Absolutely satisfied with the service received from GreenHouse. From quote by Ethanne to installation by Mike and his team all were done professionally and efficiently. I highly recommend GreenHouse to walk the solar journey with you… After a year of absolutely no issues we recently had a lightning strike and GreenHouse had to assist to get us up and going again. It turned out that the only item that needed replavement was the controller - and this was replaced in no time…. Yes I would say Greenhouse is “fast and knowledgeable” in this new market segment where it is difficult to choose a supplier!.
lisa skinner
lisa skinner
Notes: Feedback. From when I had my first engagement with Patrick to investigate alternative energy solutions for my house, through the quoting process, the installation itself and after installation follow up meeting I have been so impressed by the professionalism of Patrick and the full team. It was such a wonderful experience and completely painless from a customer point of view. The remi ders of what I needed to do, the scheduling and generally the full experience I had with Greenhouse was exceptional. I am so glad I went with yourselves. What a great and professional team. Rgs Lisa