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About Solar Power

Solar power systems convert sunlight energy into electricity, using a combination of photo-voltaic (PV) modules and inverters. The inverter delivers usable AC power to your home or business.

Solar power is changing our lives in more ways than ever before. Solar is the world’s fastest growing power generation source, and is leading the renewable energy era.

Rising electricity tariffs and unreliable power delivery are focusing homeowners and businesses on long term renewable energy solutions.

South Africa enjoys more great sunshine than many other countries in the developed world. We have the opportunity to take advantage of this energy source for long term sustainability and the improvement of the planet for the health of future generations.

Solar power not only reduces (or eliminates) your electricity bill but reduces your carbon footprint.

Join the renewable energy revolution!


Immediate Returns

Solar Powered Savings

Solar power generation replaces Eskom demand thereby immediately reducing monthly utility bills.

Savings can be seen in two ways:
First, the reduction in electricity bills pays the system off in a short period, whereafter the electricity generated is free!

Secondly, the system cost can be amortized over a longer period, for which the system is expected & warranted to produce power. 

This, along with maintenance costs, replaces the cost of buying all the energy produced for that period.
This often demonstrates an immediate reduction in electricity costs from current tariff to ~ R0.45/unit

Calculated Solutions



Sizing a solar power system requires consideration of a number of factors, the most significant of them being the average load profile. Without knowledge of the load profile; an incorrectly sized solar power system may be purchased and projected solar savings may be undelivered. 


String length

The number of solar panels connected in a string, and to each solar inverter, is a carefully calculated aspect. Optimal string length ensures maximum power production and will prevent a potentially damaging overvoltage condition.


High-resolution Monitoring

Granular, high-resolution monitoring provides the customer and service provider with visibility over system performance. Recording solar production and related performance metrics allows for rapid detection of faults and subsequently supports technicians during troubleshooting processes.

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