The Doran Home

  • Date: Dec 2019
  • Client: Doran Family
  • Project Type: Residential Home

About this Project

Meet the Doran family and their beautiful home in Irene, Pretoria.

The Doran’s embarked on a journey to install a solar power system and were steadfast in doing their homework and understanding the various different architectures and equipment manufacturers. GreenHouse, alongside a number of other competitors, were invited to propose and quote on an appropriate system for their needs.

Sizing the system appropriately requires quality information about the home’s consumption profile and daily energy requirement. While monthly utility bills provide some of this information, they do not provide the entire picture and this calls for the temporary installation of a high-resolution power monitoring device.

Once the power monitoring data was extracted from the device, the GreenHouse team got straight to work in designing the optimal system for the Doran home.

The Doran’s now enjoy power security (backup power) as well as a significantly reduced electricity bill through solar power generation. Continuity of lifestyle is now ensured and their investment is hard at work, saving them money each day.

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