Top Benefits of Installing Solar Panels at Home

Graham Jones, Sales Director, South Africa

19 September 2019

So why install solar panels at home?

There are some well-known and less considered benefits to home solar panels (PV) installations. Here we examine the top known benefits of installing solar panels at home.

Cost Savings

The primary reason solar panels are purchased is the significant monthly savings felt by the pocket and the huge savings across the long periods for which PV output is guaranteed. While daily generation is modest, monthly generation can easily displace most or all your household electrical bill. The saving over a few years pays for the system – once paid for, the savings make handsome amounts of money that you can use on discretionary expenses.


Buying a solar (Hybrid) power system costs a lot of money, but this spend is an investment in your personal independence. You can carry on since Eskom infrastructure blackouts, or other power interruptions do not affect you at all . The ability to produce your own power, cost-effectively, puts a smile on your face the first time the system carries your family through a cable theft incident! 

“Buying a solar (Hybrid) power system costs a lot of money, but this spend is an investment in your personal independence.”

Backup Support

Solar panels combined with battery backup systems (power security) are incredibly powerful. Any battery has a finite capacity to support a home electrical load. Adding PV provides the cost savings discussed above and the ability to charge batteries and support the home when Eskom is not available – thus extending power security duration.


Not only will you have free cash every month to do with what you choose, but your spirit isn’t dampened by power outages, whether scheduled or not. When entertaining friends, watching your favourite programme or game or getting the kids to study, you continue regardless. As indicated above, combined with a sound battery backup system, PV will help maintain your lifestyle and give you the choice of when to use Eskom.

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