Victron Five

Backup System


Meet the backbone of your home power station. Combining the incredibly successful Victron MultiPlus II Inverter with an industry-leading Lithium battery.


Say goodbye to power interruptions and hello to complete peace-of-mind.

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System Features


  • Uninterrupted power to your critical circuits using a 5kVA/4kW Inverter with built-in AC battery charger
  • 5.12kWh (kilowatt-hours) worth of lithium battery energy storage
  • CAN-BUS communication between battery and inverter system ensures synergistic operation
  • System control, monitoring and alerts provided by the Victron Cerbo GX – accessible through the VRM smartphone App


Our Installation


  • Equipment mounting and securing
  • Electrical connection into primary DB
  • Sorting and isolating circuits into critical and non-critical categories
  • AC cabling, connections & switchgear
  • DC cabling, connections & fuse protection
  • Equipment earthing
  • AC surge & lightning protection for critical and non-critical circuits
  • System setup & commissioning
  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC) written by our licensed electrician




  • All Victron equipment – 5 years
  • Revov 2nd Life R100 LiFePO4 Battery – 10 years or 3500 cycles
  • Workmanship and balance of system (BoS) – 5 years


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Q: For how long will the inverter supply power in backup mode?
A: This question is dependent on the size of the battery and the amount of power the home is consuming. The Victron 5 solution is paired with a 5.12kWh battery, this number describes the amount of energy that the battery may store. This battery would supply consumption of 1kW for 5-hours. Equivalently, the battery could supply consumption of 2kW’s for a duration of 2.5-hours.

Q: What happens if I overload the inverter?
A: The inverter has built-in protection and will shut down in the event of an overload. The inverter is equipped with an ON/OFF toggle switch which will need to be used to reset the inverter and subsequently resume power delivery.

Q: How do I monitor the system?
A: Using the VRM app on your smartphone or tablet. Also, you can use the web portal on any internet-enabled device to log in and access your system.

Q: How do I enable the system? Do I need to flip a switch when there is a power failure to get battery backup power?
A: The system is completely autonomous and requires no intervention by the owner. As soon as a grid failure occurs, the system will immediately begin supplying power, via the battery, to your home’s circuits. It’s so fast, you won’t even notice that there is a power failure.

Q: Can I add solar panels to the system in the future?
A: Absolutely. The Victron MultiPlus II Inverter thrives in an ESS (Energy Storage System) configuration. Simply add solar panels and an appropriate Victron solar charge controller to upgrade your system to a full hybrid setup!