What’s Watt #5

Graham Jones, Sales Director, South Africa

08 September 2017

Lithium – We salute you


“No budget for that! What power system can we get for RXXX?”

I was recently encouraged to find the more modern approach to home design being – “Choose your number of bedrooms, what kitchen layout do we need and select your renewable power option.”

Above: The concentrated solar installation outside Upington under construction (now operational)

No longer can the security of power and water supply be left to the ravages of allocated budget. These decisions are key to modern comfortable living, to the cost of home operation and to tomorrow’s resale value.

Recent experience has shown how the best intentions of an aspirant home owner have been perverted by a third party budget controller ill equipped to understand the real cost of energy and the new age approach thereto.

Eskom increases are real and, if not politically manipulated, likely to be above inflationary. We had cheap power, we didn’t care about using it, now it is becoming less cheap and set to become expensive.

New homes should be designed with two energy aspects in mind, namely:

  • the efficient use of energy &
  • the long term efficient provision of this requirement

We are in the new era of distributed energy production, meaning that we can generate our own power effectively and efficiently without pollution and damage to our planet. This is largely due to improvements and cost reductions in solar PV modules, and associated equipment, as well as new age Lithium battery storage.

Today it makes sense to invest in solar PV generation, whether for residential or commercial roofs. For home usage, which tends to be low during sunshine hours and higher outside these hours, we need to store energy efficiently and be able to draw on this stored power every day – hello Lithium!

These are exciting energy times, we can look after ourselves fully, or at least to a great degree, and avoid the need for more coal power stations or another nuclear facility.

Live “Near the Grid” use it gently and at your discretion while saving fortunes and futures in the long term.

Power your home and save on rising energy costs with our turnkey solar and battery power systems.

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